Top Winter Gear to Own

It’s that time of year again where we start to get excited about the start of winter sports and activities. Here in California we get a chance to enjoy these outdoor activities in the mountains, making for some very fun winters. So what exactly are the top winter gear items to own? We’ve put together a checklist so you can take a look and be sure you’re well stocked and ready for all the winter fun.

Properly Fitting Ice Skates

If you are planning to strap on the skates this winter then you’ll want to be sure that you’ve got a pair that fits right and are in good condition. It’s always a good idea to try on your ice skates before winter actually starts, this gives you a chance to get out and shop for a new pair if necessary. Keep in mind there are different skates for different styles and types of skating.

The Perfect Sled

Nothing screams winter like sledding so with that said it’s also the time to be sure you’ve got that sled or toboggan that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure it can be packed into the car, as you likely will need to drive to the mountains to be partaking in sledding activities!

Ice Skates

Skiing the Slopes

What better way to enjoy winter than by skiing the many incredible slopes. Now you may not want to go all out and but every piece of ski equipment necessary, but you may want to invest in a few key pieces. Even if you buy your own ski boots, at least you know you’ll have a comfortable fitting pair each time you hit the slopes. It will also cut down on the rental cost at the ski hill.

Plan Ahead for Fun

Winter activities are among some of the most thrilling and fun outdoor activities there are. Giving yourself time to plan ahead will ensure you can jump right in.