Police Reform

It is often difficult to talk about a subject like police reform, because you quickly run the risk of upsetting a lot of people. When you talk about reform in the police, any officer or a friend of an officer takes it as a personal insult to them and their colleagues. When in actual fact, the idea of police reform is to ensure that the good police officers are not getting their name and reputation dragged down by those who wear the badge but do not serve it in the most honorable and honest way.

And you may think it is an issue that does not bother you. But we all live in the same world. Whether you are going out to see a movie, or you are meeting someone for flirt dating, you could easily encounter the police. And it is everyone’s best interest to ensure that the police men and women we are encountering on a daily basis are doing their jobs in the best and most appropriate way possible. While some may think it is too late for meaningful police reform, we do not believe so. We believe that reform is always possible, as long as all parties are willing to listen and work with each other.

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Now say you are in a situation where you are going out with someone for flirt dating, and you encounter the police, you would want to feel really safe from the moment you see the police. We do not ever want people to feel as though they need to be afraid of police officers, no matter the color of their skin. We are all citizens of the same nation, and we all want to believe that the police have our best interests at heart. And it is imperative for police reform to focus on this.

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