Tennis: How to Learn the Sport

Even though tennis is one of the most fun sports you can play, even if you only want to get in some exercise for a few hours, it is a sport that does have a fairly big learning curve. And one of the hardest things is to realize that you are going to get better at the sport. Too many players will attempt to play the game one or two times, but they soon realize they are not as good as they would have imagined. And instead of trying to get better, they get disheartened and simply do not play again. And that is a disappointment, because they could have probably enjoyed themselves a fair amount.

So if you are serious about getting better at tennis, what you need to do is really take the time to learn the mechanics. If you have the money to hire a coach for a couple of hours a week, it will help you even more. But if you cannot hire a coach, it is no big deal. You can always practice these drills with a friend, as you take turns helping each other. The key is to get a large number of tennis balls, at least ten to twenty, so one player can feed the other with simple shots to practice the various strokes.

For instance, you want to practice hitting 10 to 20 forehands in a row, with the aim being to get the ball in one of the corners of the court, not necessarily to hit it with a lot of power. And when you are done, you can switch up to the backhand, then you can practice your volleys at the net, and at the end you can practice your serve. And when you have finished all of these drills, you can switch up and become the feeder for your friend.