How Your Diet And Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

Many people with problem skin think that simply using expensive products and washing their face will solve the problem. Unfortunately, the health and appearance of skin is directly linked to health and eating habits. If you’ve been using top dollar products and you still have acne, it might be time to hit the gym and drink more water.

the best foundations for oily skin

Oily skin is usually caused by hormonal reactions. While having oily skin during puberty is common and it should go away, many times these hormonal reactions are caused by poor health decisions. Things like processed food and dairy all contribute to oiliness and acne. Cutting out dairy helps many people who suffer from acne. Eating more greens and eating fruits instead of sweets will also make a world of difference. A quick fix you can use while you’re waiting for your new healthy lifestyle to take effect is to wear the best foundations for oily skin. Since these foundations are specially formulated for oily skin, they won’t melt off or smudge as easily.

People with dry skin have a much simpler solution. Drink more water. Dryness on skin all over the body usually means that you don’t drink enough water and you don’t moisturize enough. Try the classic eight glasses a day and you will see the difference that it makes. Moisturizing regularly is also recommended for those with dry skin. Use a moisturizer infused with an essential oil for the best results. Makeup wise, people with dry skin have it better than people with oily skin. The only problem is that makeup can sometimes look flaky. To solve this, exfoliate before applying makeup. The best foundations for oily skin combined with a good face powder will be a life saver to those with oily skin.