How You’re Losing A Man By Trying To Keep Him

We’ve all been there. You’ve been seeing this guy for a few dates and you really like him, but you’re unsure whether or not he feels the same way. You don’t know if he’s seeing other people either since you’ve never had the DTR (define the relationship) discussion. That means he’s perfectly within his rights to see other people without repercussion and so are you. Problem isÂ… you don’t want to. And you don’t want him to either. Short of using magic love spells, there’s no easy solution for this problem. On one hand, just leaving things as is will drive you crazy. On the other hand, you’re scared of hearing an answer you don’t want to.

The one thing you definitely do not want to do is by acting like you’re his girlfriend before he officially makes you his girlfriend. This type of behavior includes asking where he’s been, who he’s seeing, who he’s texting, etc. In extreme cases, you may even be tempted to invade his privacy by digging around on his phone or his laptop. You definitely do NOT want to do this. This type of behavior isn’t okay, even in relationships, and this will drive him away faster than you can say “what are we?”

magic love spells

The adult thing to do is simply to have the conversation. If he wants to commit to you, he’ll do so. If he doesn’t, you’re wasting your time. Guys usually know pretty soon if they see a future with a girl or not. Unfortunately, if he’s not ready to commit now, he most likely never will be. Unless you use magic love spells. But he’ll never be ready to commit without some supernatural force guiding him.

Cut your losses and move on. There’s bigger, better fish in the sea.